How to Buy an Entertainment Book - Entertainment Books Australia

Entertainment Memberships are available in two formats: the Entertainment™ Book printed Membership or the Entertainment Digital Membership

Entertainment Books, as well as the Entertainment™ Digital Memberships for smartphones, are sold throughout the community as a fundraiser.  These include:
  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Day Care Centres and Kindergartens
  • Rotary Clubs and Lions Clubs
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Religious Groups
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate Social Clubs
  • Research Foundations
  • Scout and Girl Guide Groups
  • Surf Lifesaving Clubs
  • Local Community Services Groups
    and many others
In order to support the fundraising organisations, we are unable to sell books directly.  To purchase your copy of the Entertainment™ Book or Entertainment™ Digital Membership, you will need to select a fundraising organisation that you are affiliated with, or would like to support, and contact them directly. Your purchase helps them with their fundraising with 20% of every sale going directly towards their cause!  

If the organisation you support is not selling, or you are having difficulty in finding a book, 

Alternatively, you could choose to distribute the Entertainment Book as a fundraiser or member benefit for your organisation: